Maryland Sports Arena League Rules for 2022-23 season

Each team's roster and individual liability waiver form must be fully completed and submitted before the beginning of the first game of the season.  Liability Waiver form is to be completed by a parent.   Please submit all liability waivers simultaneously.  2022-23 roster will be completed online only. Each team will be emailed a separate password protected link for their team.  Teams may carry a maximum of eighteen players.  Players may be added or released up to the 6th game of the season.  Players may not play on more than one team in the same league.


Teams U12 and younger play with 7 players and use a size 4 ball.  Teams U13 and older play with 6 players and use a size 5 ball.  No slide tackling is allowed in ALL Coed, Men’s Over 30 or U14 and younger leagues.  A “kill rule” is in effect for youth teams.  If a team is losing by 6 goals, to promote sportsmanship, fairness and fun, losing teams have the option of adding up to 3 players on the field to make the game competitive.  Once the losing team adds the additional players, the winning team receives the victory.  Score will be recorded 6-0.  Teams may have a maximum of 3 coaches on the players’ bench.  Players not dressed to play are not allowed on the bench unless less given approval by staff.   All High School teams must have an adult coach (ie a parent or someone of similar parental age) on their bench during all games.  Any team forfeiting is required to pay a $100 forfeit fee prior to their next game.  Failure to pay will result in expulsion from league without refund.


All rules are those of the Major Indoor Soccer League (MISL) unless amended by the Maryland Sports Arena.  Gum chewing or chewing of other similar type of products will result in a 2 minute penalty.  SPITTING ON THE FIELD IS A RED CARD AND EJECTION FOLLOWED BY A 2 GAME SUSPENSION.  Games will be played in two halves, 24 minutes running time per half. One 30 second time out per game.  Halftime is 1 minute. Game time is forfeit time. 


Substitutions are unlimited.  Maximum 15 seconds allowed for guaranteed substitutions (ceiling, side or rear netting out of bounds.)  Fouls are not guaranteed substitutions.  Teams may substitute "on the fly" for fouls.  Ball must be played within five seconds on foul situations.  Two whistles for out of bounds, one for fouls.  No guaranteed substitutions will be allowed during the last 5 minutes of each half.  Youth teams must have 5 players to start and finish game, adults 4.  Ball may be played back on kickoff. Goalkeepers may not handle balls which are intentionally played to them by a teammate with the exception of head balls or other balls played above the knee.  No punting or drop kicking is allowed by the goalkeeper EXCEPT for u8, u9 & u10 leagues.  For youth leagues, ages u14 and younger with the exception of the leagues previously mentioned, once the goalkeeper has possession, the ball may only be distributed by throwing. For ages u15 and up, the goalkeeper may also roll the ball to his/her feet as an alternative to throwing, however, once the keeper places the ball on the ground, it is no longer his/her possession and may be challenged by an opposing player.   Opposing player must be 10 feet from the ball in dead ball situations.  Outstretched legs into the 10 feet area are considered encroachment and may result in a two minute penalty. No coaches meetings on the field after your game.  Please use other locations inside the building.


Dissent towards officials will not be tolerated.  Continued dissent may result in expulsion.  Taunting is a 2 minute penalty.  Teams are responsible for the behavior of their fans. Any player ejected before, during or after a game will be automatically suspended from league play for a minimum of two games. In addition, all red cards are reviewed with the possibility of a larger game suspension, league expulsion or facility ban.  A red card is a 5 minute un-releasable penalty.  Any teams, players and coaches who threaten officials will be banned from the facility.  Simultaneous penalties are un-releasable.  A referee's decision cannot be protested.  Teams wishing to protest ineligible players must notify referee prior to the end of the game regarding the player being protested. Referee will note the players being protested by asking the opposing coach the name of the players.   A $100 protest bond per player must be paid to the Maryland Sports Arena within 24 hours of game. The $100 protest bond will be returned if the player is found ineligible. 

A player wearing a plaster cast will not be allowed to play, other casts are allowed if wrapped and are not dangerous to other players.    Players may use flat soled soccer, tennis type shoe, or turf shoes on the field.  No cleats are allowed on the playing surface.  Shin guards are mandatory for all youth players.  Home team is responsible for uniform change in case of conflict. 


In case of a tie for league champion, the following tie breaker will apply:  first, head to head competition, second, goal differential head to head, third, teams will be declared co-champions.  Please note, do not run up the score on weaker teams. Maximum recorded score will be 6-0.  3 points for a win, one point for a tie.  For playoff round advancement, same format plus 3rd tiebreaker – least amount of goals allowed.  If still tied, shootout before playoff game or coin flip.  Management will make the determination. Shootout is always best of 3. If tied at 3, shootout continues until someone misses.


For inclement weather, coaches please visit our website, game cancellations will be posted.  You may also call 410.538.7300, visit your schedule @ or visit our facebook page  It is strongly suggested that coaches, parents and players follow our facebook page for league updates and facility information.  We do not follow Harford County School Cancellations. 

House Rules

No commercially prepared food or drink may be brought into the facility.  Food from “Eat Like a Greek” may be brought into the facility.   No food or drink is allowed on the playing field.  Sports drinks or water may be consumed on the players’ benches only.  Plastic bottles only inside facility.  No gum, chewing tobacco or sunflower seeds.  No ball playing off the field.  All balls must be held or bagged.  Please do not bounce balls off the field. Children must be supervised by their parents. To be courteous to others, please do not stand in front of the bleachers.  Please remain seated while on the bleachers.  For your safety, please do not stand on the bleacher’s top level.  No climbing is allowed on any building structures.  Do not bang on the glass dasher boards. No smoking.  No foul or abusive language.  Anyone fighting on the Arena's premises may be banned from the facility.  Please place your name and phone number on all balls used at the facility.  Lost ball closet is next to the concession stand. Lost and found bin is next to the concession stand.  If arriving late, please see concession stand attendant.  You will be allowed on the field at the next dead ball situation.  Do not enter thru outside side emergency exits or employee/referee only entrance.

Have fun and enjoy the facility but enter and play at your own risk.