Over 30 Coed Ė Week 1


TBD††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† Old Timers††††††††††††††††† vs ††††††† Old N Crabby

Friday 12.14††† 9:10PM†††††††††† 24 Ale House††††††††††††† vs†††††††† Timís Towing

Friday 12.14††† 10:05PM†††††††† Kevinís Bitches†††††††††† vs†††††††† Silverbacks

Friday12.14†† 11:00PM†††††††† Still Kicking††††††††††††††† vs†††††††† Hooligans

Bye††††††††††††††††† Two Left Feet


Complete schedule will be online after week 1.†† League fees are $550 (if paid week 1) or $599 paid over your first 3 games.

If you choose option 2, please have your fees paid by your third game.


Good luck to your team and thanks for playing at the Maryland Sports Arena!




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