To insure our players and patrons are safe, the Maryland Sports Arena has instituted the following COVID SAFETY procedures:

·        “All individuals must wear a face covering if less than 75 years old and without medical condition/disability unless due to due to exercise the mask becomes a health hazard” per Harford County Health Department.

·        At this time, we are asking that only one parent per player attend the game to insure proper social distancing.  All Maryland Sports Arena games are shown live and on demand for parents who cannot or are unable to attend.  Additional information is here  

·        We are asking, if possible, parents take the temperature of their child as well as themselves (if attending the game) on game day.   Please do not attend your game if you or your child is feeling ill.

·        Parents and players are asked to remain in their cars until players and parents exit the facility.  Please do not mingle in the parking lot. 

·        After previous game teams have completely left the building, current game teams are allowed to enter.   Visitor teams enter as a group first.  Followed shortly thereafter by the home team.

·        Visiting teams are asked to enter and exit the field through the far gate (scoreboard side of the arena) and parents are asked to be seated in the last 3 bleachers in the arena.

·        Home teams are asked to enter and exit the field through the front gate and parents are asked to use the first 3 bleachers.  (Please note Home and Visiting teams are listed on your schedule).

·        No seating will be allowed on the middle bleacher rung and the top and bottom middle section to allow for social distancing. (Bleachers are marked where not to sit.)

·        Parents must be seated and keep social distance.  Please do not stand.

·        Teams and patrons are asked to leave immediately after their games.   Home team exits first with their parents.   After the home team completely leaves, the visiting team and their parents must leave.

·        We’re doing this to keep team parents separate off the field. So please do not comingle with others.

·        No spectators are allowed for adult leagues.

·        Due to Covid, the water fountain has been turned off.

·        If you need water, Gatorade from the concession stand, please follow the social distancing markers on the floor.

·        Our number 1 priority is the safety of our players and parents so PLEASE follow the above procedures.

·        For your safety, all heating units now use HEPA filters which remove 99.9 percent of all particles.   Filters are changed weekly.

·        During the 4 months we were closed, all netting around the field was removed, replaced or washed with bleach, and rehung.  This was approximately 100,000 square feet of netting.  

·        All areas behind the netting and boards were cleaned and sanitized.

·        We have added 8 hand sanitizing stations throughout the facility including player’s benches and restrooms.

·        Player’s bench areas are sanitized after each game.

·        Spectator bleachers are sanitized nightly and intermittently between games.

·        Restrooms are sanitized multiple times throughout the day.

·        Snack bar area and arcade area is sanitized multiple times throughout the day.

·        There will be no seating in the snack bar area.

·        We ask that teams do not hand shake or elbow bump after the game.

·        Games for younger players will run on a 60 minute cycle versus 55 minute to insure teams can leave after the game.

·        We have removed timeouts and half time break to give each team adequate time to leave so next game players can enter.

Please note we are 20,000 square foot building with ceiling peak of 40 feet.   Our maximum capacity is 420 people.  We are trying to have less than 50 people in the facility during each game.  Approximately 25 of those 50 will be players on the field.  Please be seated at all times during the game.  Parents and grandparents who cannot attend can watch their child play live here Games are also available on demand for a month after play as well.   Good luck and thanks for playing at the Maryland Sports Arena!

Ron Szczybor
Phone: (410) 538-7300